Marsha- Tarlow Steinberg

I was born in New York City and spend my early childhood on the Lower East Side. My family and I lived in the Alfred E. Smith Projects, a low income housing project inhabited mostly by European refugees from WW II. MY mother is from London, England and my father is from Vienna, Austria. I feel their classical background and appreciation of the arts is what nurtured my love of painting.

"What would life be if we had no courage to attempt anything" Vincent van Gogh....
Art is an instrument of knowledge and of communication and risk taking. It is when the hand, the head and the heart get together. Like any language, it establishes a connection between two people- the artist and the viewer. The artist arouses something that touches your soul and lifts your spirit....at least I I hope I do.
I believe my paintings speak on a level that makes one feel good. My art is peaceful, inspiring in me a feeling of serenity. If the content is sincere, it will be noticed. To me, painting is like breathing and I often remind myself how lucky I am to be a painter.
Serious painting is not learned casually. You must be willing to sacrifice many other things. I don't believe artistic skill is a natural endowment, like blue eyes or good legs. Yes, you are born with a gift, but the determining factor for an artist is motivation and hard work. It takes intelligence, sensitivity, good teaching and luck to develop artistically.

Painting is not a performing art, nor a spectator sport, nor a contest to see who can attract the most attention. It is, quite simply, a language.

PRIVATE COLLECTIONS: Judge Judy Scheinlen; Mr.& Mrs. A. Valenti; Mr. & Mrs. C. Gambino;
Dr.& Mrs. Bacci; Mr. S. Leidner; Ms. S. Ballon; Mr. & Mrs. J. Perceles

PUBLIC ART PROJECTS: Horse of a Different Color- benefitting the Nassau Department of Sports and Recreation; Designer of the Long Island Aids Memorial Tree Quilt
LaTerassa Restaurant; Piccolo Restaurant; Capellini Salon & Day Spa


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